2017: Expanding our customer base is in full swing this year. While continuing to serve our loyal gas field, we have enjoyed producing more agricultural components and have officially become a public works contractor!

Keep an eye on 2018 as we completely renovate our parts warehouse and inventory. We intend to continue providing quality products to our customers and increase our efficiency in the process. As one of the last small gas companies in Northern California, we are tasked with becoming suppliers for many well known companies. Our new and improved warehouse will allow us to better serve all.

2015: This will be the year to see what really is going to happen after many changes in the last 2 years.

   The economy in our area has stayed pretty flat for the last couple of years. We have managed to add a couple of positions by being flexible enough to cover many jobs. I am a firm believer in the United States citizen’s ability to rise above any problems. I hope we are doing our part by providing good services and well paid employees.
    Gas Field services and construction have been the back bone of DRI since day one. This industry continues to be in a depression.
    As the oil companies have changed from smaller to larger we have changed as well. Meeting the EHS requirements of companies like CRC and Calpine has been a good project to learn from. With much hard work it has made us more capable and better equipped to do more work the way it needs to be done. The gas compression business seems to have stabilized and may see a little growth this year. We have added another field mechanic and currently have another position open.
    Agricultural work continues to be strong in our area. We are doing jobs that tie in nicely with our skill sets and get a chance to learn new things. Once again having the safety protocols and the right equipment has been very helpful. The farming industry is getting the same dose of regulation the oil industry accepted 10 years ago.
     The ag engine market is something we have been working with natural gas and propane fueled pump engines. We have been able to provide good run time and reduced fuel costs as well as less permitting burdens as compared to the newest tier 4 engines. We look forward to a wide variety of ag work from shop fabrication to field installations.
    Our shop fabrication equipment and ability keeps growing. We have just added a key position of fabrication manager to our crew. Working together to add to our tooling is going to be a priority. The addition last year of a CNC plasma cutting table has been great addition. This tool has allowed us to take on some complex jobs and save the customers money.
     Due to the size of some of our projects we are changing the shop layout to allow 3 60 foot fabrication bays to work in.

    Flow Press has become an ongoing project for us. The wide variety of jobs these filter press units requires much creativity in construction and operation. If you have a problem with liquid / solids in your industry Flow Press is very worth looking into: flowpress.net

    The best point we have going for Dos Rios and your projects is our staff. At a bit over 25 years of contracting we reached a point of having an average employee tenure of just over 10 years.  The continuity this provides our work has proven its worth time and time again. I get many calls per week with not only an issue that has come up on a job, but the solution as well.

    Thank you for your time and interest in Dos Rios.

Ben R Phillips

2013 is our 25th year of contracting. Things have changed, boomed, busted, and changed again. These cycles have made us pretty adaptable. Currently our gas field customers are in a depression. Low gas prices, high costs, and many regulatory burdens are a bad mix.

The fun times of ‘just get it done’ have been replaced with canceled projects. During these slower times we have pushed to improve our services and products. New parts room, Altronic repair center, and a clean engine assembly room have been added to the shop. Our crews are the best we have had with long tenure and much experience.

Our parts and materials side is greatly expanded. Joe Wolffe has done a great job getting what people need without delay. Providing information and products to meet customers environmental needs has been a priority. The most important thing has been to reduce our customers' operating costs.  We have developed a supply network that has allowed great service with very good pricing. If you operate in industrial, agriculture or the oilfield a call to Joe would be worthwhile.

Gas field construction mainly consists of regulatory compliance projects and abandonment operations. We look forward to the economy improving,the sooner the better for all. AGL/Central Valley Gas Storage have contracted us for a good number of projects. CVGS has been a good thing for the area. The construction crews and welders have been doing horse-proof fencing and corral installations as well.

Gas compressor fabrication, operation and repairs have been a strong point for DRI. We have represented American Energy Services rental fleet since 1999. We have the parts, men, and experience to take care of almost any compressor or engine project. We are focused on providing the cleanest compressors and service possible. In today's world, nothing else will do.

We are working to get into the CNG fueling industry, we are working with a Colusa County start up on planning now. Agriculture diesel engines converted to run on a 30/70 gas fuel mix is a prime project for us. Using the Altronic system, we have seen large savings on fuel costs and lower emissions levels. The pay out has been as short as a month of fuel savings. We can do these projects from the pipeline through the engine.

If there is something you need done, give us a call. A fresh perspective, a little hard work, and some fair pricing can't hurt.

Thank you for the interest in our services,

Ben R. Phillips
Dos Rios, Inc.

Dos Rios News Update

While Dos Rios continues to stay prevalent in the natural gas industry, we are constantly on the pursuit new adventures. Dos Rios has ventured from natural gas compression, pipelines, and servicing compressors to construction of horse-proof fencing, agricultural structures, and concrete work. With the decline of gas industry needs, we have expanded our services as needed.

As environmental concerns continue to arise, we are staying current with new concepts and inventions such as the Sun Pump equipment used to move fluid for multiple applications. This uses solar technology to reduce energy cost/waste. We have also teamed up with FlowPress to offer environmental services to those in need of liquid/solid separation.

Dos Rios Inc. History

Authorized Dealers of several well known companies such as Sun Pumper, Altronic, Arrow, Kenco and more. We strive to provide quality products at a fair price and a timely manner. In the natural gas industry nothing else will do. When a compressor or engine goes down, our goal is to have the parts in order to get back online as soon as possible. Time is money and at Dos Rios we understand that. Our products are designed to get us through the tough times and our inventory is designed to get us through the tougher times.


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