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Dos Rios Inc.

Dos Rios and American Energy Services’ work in the agricultural business keeps moving forward. Our customers keep finding more reasons to call us out.

We have started a program of monthly inspections of customer owned diesel and gas powered pump equipment. This “pass through inspection helps all to keep up on spotting problems before causing down time and scheduling proper timing of PM services. One avoidable mechanical problem pays for a whole lot of preventative maintenance.

Tier 4 engines giving you poor run time and high repair costs? You can turn our engines down to min. speed with no reduction in run time or reliability. Actually like those great old Tier 0 engines it will make them last even longer. It is sad to say but nothing available today is as fuel efficient and versatile as those old engines, our engines are the next best thing.  We are providing PSI engines as well as our own packaged industrial Cat and Cummins Gas and propane fueled engines. For longevity and lower cost for the life of the engine we prefer the heavy duty industrial models. For low up front cost an automotive style engine can be a good choice for very low hours and low load operation. We routinely repair industrial engines in the field and are running that day in what would be a total failure of an automotive style unit.

Our gas field compression experience and parts inventory lets us do most service, repairs and callouts from our stock. We also offer rental engines if that suits your financial methods better than a purchase.

We have an in house PG and E ambassador and permit tech available. We have helped multiple farms bring their existing fleet up to the level the regulators are requiring.  If you have a possible project to connect to PG and E we can help get through the volumes of paperwork and other requirements.

In multiple air districts they are very happy to permit gas engines with minimal requirements. We have most of our rentals in the Yolo Solano AQMD, all are locally permitted older (RELIABLE) engines. Dos Rios can install, service and test emissions equipment and performance as well.

 With all the above - along with our construction and fabrication work - we are getting to be more AG related every day. Since we are located in Colusa it makes sense to fill the need in the area.