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You work hard.  You put the project first and the results show it.  At Work Solutions we understand that safety is the most important part of every job so you can savor your hard work day after day, year after year.  We are here to make sure you and your employees are no worse for the wear, and that you can continue being the best at what you do for years to come.

Dos Rios Inc has a long history in the natural gas, pipeline, and mechanical arena.  We work hard, we get dirty, and we know how to protect ourselves from the every day slashes and smashes that can be so much a part of the job.  Over the years we learned where to find all of the safety gear that allows us to return home each day in one piece, and we began helping others find what they need at better prices than they thought possible.

Now, with personal safety and public sanitary practices being more important than ever, we have found the best products to help you protect yourself and those most important to you.  Your health is your most valuable asset, protect it with the products and gear that have proven over time to be the best you can get.

Call us today to see how much we can save you on the products you need.  We are here to do the footwork, so you can focus on what makes your business run!

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